About Tabmiles

Tabmiles is a comprehensive mobile CRM and workforce management tool which helps businesses to manage and share important clients data on the go. With Tabmiles employers have access to employees attendance/ payroll data, timesheet approvals, their real time activities, meetings details with clients remarks, expenses validations & approvals etc.

Why Us?

Do you face daily challenges to manage clients/prospects and having difficulties to track and manage employee's attendance, payroll data, timesheet entries, expenses validation, real-time activities, client related information such as feedback and preferences and are also losing valuable productivity due to lack of communication?

Most employers have no access to manage and see clients and employees real-time activities.

Employees not able to achieve the assigned goals in time and Employers not able to analyze reasons for the poor performance.

Not able to track and manage employees meetings and schedules.

Facing difficulties to analyze performance report gaps and dips between different teams working in the field.

Worried about poor yield even after providing each required tool to your employees.

Ending up paying irrelevant expenses in sack of travel & meal allowances.

Not able to review and analyze feedback from clients in time.

... ...

With Tabmiles

You can accurately track work times and GPS location of your mobile employees .

Businesses can eliminate costly labor time reporting errors.

Employers can manage and validate employee's work/activities when they are out in the field.

Supervisors can set the follow up schedules after their successful timely meetings with prospective clients.

Companies can automates the mileage claims and expenses travel reimbursement part.

You can communicate directly with your organization members from Mobile application.

Well, we have a powerful mobile solution to all this - "TABMILES" - A mobile application that empowers businesses, employers and employees on the go.

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All About TabMiles

Attendance & Payroll Timesheet & Expenses Client's Feedback & Preferences Real-Time Activities & Reporting
Efficient and easy to log daily attendance. No more paper timesheets. Clients can update their feedback on the tool. Easy & one click "Check In" and "Check Out".
Employers can access attendance information as and when needed. Log your work hours without any hassle. Clients to e-sign on the tool, indicating an end or completion of a meeting. Location / Geo based, accurate Real-Time tracking & reporting for all employees.
Attendance information gets logged into the Payroll system automatically. Update travel and expense details on the go. Clients can provide their preferences / suggestions for one or more employees. Extract detailed daily, weekly, monthly reports for one or all employees on the go.
Efficient management of Attendance and Payroll activities. Employers can validate travel and expense details on the tool. Employers can access Client's preferences and feedback. Extract your client preferences / requirement and their behavior over one or more employees.
Reduction in labor time for validation of attendance & payroll processing. Employers can automate the mileage claims and expenses for the travel reimbursement aspect. Real time reporting benefits both the employees and employers.
Eliminate costly errors in time reporting for hourly employees. Employees can gauge their performance on the go.

Mobile App


Cloud Based Solution.

Track Employees activities with interactive GPS Navigation.

TABMILES will help improve employees output and organization"efficiency".

Easy to manage Employees on the locations, schedule meetings, details and time.

"One Click Reports Out" can Save lots of time to create and manage employees' appraisals and payroll.

Validate employee expenses.

Affordable solution for any Organization.

TABMILES is an Affordable Solution for any Organization and we do offer Cost-Effective system/solution for 10,20, 50+ employees to use & navigate First Then Buy. To help you explore the tool and relish the amazing experience.

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