Best Way to Manage Your Field Employees
Why TabMiles??

“TabMiles is a Mobile Field Fore Management for managing field staff real time activities including Geo attendance, Real Time Tracking, Daily Activities reports, Tours and Planner thru Mobile, Auto Sales reports, Order punching, CRM update, Leads generation and Geo Fencing to manage guards movements in warehouses. You will have the full control and managegment of whatsoever is going in the field and will create a digital transparency forum.

Any department which is having challenges in managing field employees, procurement staff or guards in their warehouses for their movement or visit/meeting validations or CRM data, TabMiles is the way to go.

TABMILES- help businesses to manage and share important client data through mobile. With TabMiles, employers have access to employees’ attendance/ payroll data, timesheet approvals, their real time activities, meetings details with clients’ remarks, total distance travelled, DSR (Daily Sales reports), expenses validations & approvals, tour planning, daily task activities, order punching, group chat etc. Please visit for more information.